Return Policy



For the period of 1 year

What covers:

Manufacturing defects: in cases in which the customer receives the products and they are found to be defective due to situations such as: imperfection in welding points, clasps whose mechanism is malfunctioning, detachment in the jewelery fabrics, oxidized or discolored parts where there is poor adhesion of the gold foil.

The client is responsible for reviewing the conditions in which the garments arrive once they are in their possession, for this reason they have 10 business days to give notice and request a guarantee for manufacturing defects.

Quality: That due to conditions of the garment and not due to physical damage caused to it by the client or a third party; There is discoloration and fall of the gold foil that covers the jewel, exposing its interior, clasps and terminals are excluded from this.

Warranty Exclusions:

  • That due to use and pressure the fabric may become widened or deformed.
  • Deterioration of the gold leaf by exposure to acids or strong chemicals.
  • Detachment of the tissue or components of the jewel by force, including those involuntary cases.
  • Degradation of the gold leaf due to misuse, accumulation of dirt and humidity due to lack of hygiene and care, and overexposure to extreme or corrosive environmental conditions
  • Use of chemicals or shine creams not suitable for lamination on garments


The customer has the right to request a refund of his money in the event that when the product arrives, he is not satisfied with it, so he will have 5 business days to report his request for a refund, for this the customer will have to return the garment to GOLDEN LUXE SAS within a period of no more than 10 business days, the client must bear the shipping costs without the possibility of claiming them or any additional cost incurred to return the garment, this to comply with the refund conditions must not show signs of use, the money will be refunded within 15 business days.


The customer must bear all shipping costs, both the outbound and return shipments.


The client has the right to request a change of both size and article according to the availability of GOLDEN LUXE SAS, it must be requested up to 8 business days after having the garment in possession, if the client wishes to change for an item of greater value, he must cancel the surplus , if the item is of lesser value, you will receive a bonus or credit balance as compensation that you can spend on other items with an expiration of 1 year from the time the change is made.


The sizes in centimeters or millimeters displayed in our sales channels or customer service are approximations, so the possibility of variations of plus or minus 0.7 centimeters to the measurements must be taken into account.


  • In case of not specifying, not receiving clarification, request or response from the client, the following sizes will be sent:
  • For couple bracelets, one 18 cm and the second 16 cm, if there is no 16 cm size in said reference, two 18 cm sizes will be sent.
  • In men's bracelets, size 18 cm will be sent, if there is not 18 cm in the reference, size 20 cm will be sent.
  • Lady's bracelets, 16 cm will be sent, if there is no size 16 cm in the reference, 18 cm will be sent.
  • Men's chain, 60 cm will be sent, if there is not 60 cm in the reference, 50 cm will be sent.
  • Women's chains, 45 cm will be sent, if there is not 45 cm, 50 cm will be sent.


It is understood that each piece sold in a set or combo, by itself constitutes a piece of jewelry, therefore, in case there is a need to refund money or exchange and only one of these pieces is the one required under guarantee, the procedure will be only with the piece that fails, that is; If only the clasp of a chain fails, only the clasp will be replaced, not the entire chain, in the same way the charm, chain, earrings and other accessories sold separately or together are separated, it will work the same in the case of the bracelets for couples, each one of them understood as a piece apart from the other, in case of the need for reimbursement, guarantee or exchange and that only one of them fails, reimbursement will be made for only one of them and not for the set.


In the case of silver where a lifetime guarantee is expressed; refers to the material and its physicochemical properties of 925 silver as the genuineness of its material, and the client can then claim in the event that the material takes a reaction not typical of silver, meaning that this is not the true material of the silver. garment.

Therefore, this excludes warranty for detachment of the fabric or mechanism of the garments, as well as reactions of the silver that modify its color, texture or flexibility, as well as turning black due to prolonged exposure to sulfur from the environment between others.


We are not responsible for a mistake on the part of the client regarding their data for the shipment, and if for this reason the garment is returned or lost.

In the event that the error is ours, we will assume the additional costs for shipping.


Neither changes nor returns, nor refunds, are allowed in personalized pieces such as the marked rings.


For the manufacture of jewelry, metals such as gold, copper, tin, zinc, silver, aluminum, iron, steel, phosphorus, manganese, silicon, rhodium and chromium may be used, as well as traces of regulated metals such as nickel, cadmium and lead. For the latter, a jewel is considered hypoallergenic or nickel-free when its contents are:

Nickel: released at a rate of less than 0.5 micrograms per cubic centimeter per week

Lead: equal to or less than 0.05% of its weight

Cadmium: equal to or less than 0.01% of its weight

If the client is hypersensitive to any of the last mentioned please refrain from using the garments, we are not responsible for any adverse reaction developed by prolonged contact or use of the garments.

Claims for warranty, change and/or return may be made by the customer through the hotline at 3188830995.