In Golden Luxe

We create high quality contemporary jewelry using precious metals from traditional jewelry, but innovating in production techniques to offer our customers 18k gold laminated garments at the best prices.

It doesn't just look like gold IT IS GOLD!

The outer layer of our garments is made of real gold,
which gives it the appearance of a solid gold jewel.

Your Safety & Tranquility is the most important thing

For this reason, we offer the possibility of cash-on-delivery payment in 303 municipalities in the country, in addition to all traditional means of card payment processed by the Mercado Libre payment gateway, one of the safest in Latin America .

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Our website is directly connected with warehouse logistics so that your order is attended and dispatched in the shortest possible time.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between gold plated, gold plated and gold laminated?

In Spanish there is no clear differentiation, nor in Colombia is there a regulation regarding the use of the term laminated gold or the necessary amounts of gold in the garment to be able to be called as such, however in the daily use of the term gold bath it is associated with what is known by the FTC (federal trade commission) in the United States as Gold flash in garments with a thickness of less than 0.175 microns in the gold layer, compared to our laminated gold garments that have a layer of 2.5 microns, that is to say between 15 and 50 times thicker than a gold-plated one.

Can gold plated jewelry be pawned?

Since it is very difficult and expensive to recover the gold used in a gold rolled garment, they would not be conducive to being sold or pawned at refineries or pawn shops.

Does rolled gold peel?

Good quality rolled gold is very durable, but no matter how much gold or what method is used to layer jewelry, it eventually tends to lose its color. Despite the fact that the exterior of the garments itself is real gold and due to its properties it does not oxidize, it is the particles of the base metal that eventually manage to move inside the gold foil and end up affecting its appearance, as well as friction. caused by the wear and tear of daily use gradually removes the outer layer of the precious metal. It is for this reason that people or companies that offer rolled gold with exaggerated guarantees must be treated with extreme disbelief.

Are they resistant to the sea, lotions and pool?

The answer is yes, they are more resistant, however, constant exposure to these agents, as well as the use of the garments during strong physical activity, will reduce the useful life of your jewelry, which is why it is not recommended.

What special care should I take with laminated gold?

1: Always keep your Jewelry separately.

2: Clean them using lukewarm water and a little soap with neutral PH; then remember to dry them very well with a soft cloth.

3: Avoid using specialized polishes or cloths for other types of jewelry or metals, as these may contain chemicals that end up affecting the laminate layer.